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Good Essay Words

you will find these words useful in the construction of your essays

accounts - to report
addresses - to speak to or about
advocates - to speak in favour of
affirms - maintain to be true
argues - to debate
asserts - to express positively
claims - state to be true
clarifies - to make clear
comments - to note or remark
concurs - to be of the same opinion
considers - to look at thoroughly
debates - to dispute or argue
depicts - to give a picture of
determines - to decide or ascertain
develops - to evolve or expand on
discovers - to learn about or identify
discusses - to examine or consider
expands - to express at length
infers - to imply or surmise
insists - to demand persistently
interprets - to explain the meaning of
justifies - to prove to validity of
maintains - to defend against criticism
outlines - to summarise key points
proposes - to put forward for consideration
reasons - to persuade by logical argument
recommends - to provide a favourable response
reports - to account in detail
specifies - to state explicitly
testifies - to declare as true
urges - to strongly encourage

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